GA Enriched

Are you effectively measuring the results of your marketing?

The days of marketing from gut feel are gone. If you can’t measure the results of expenditure how can you justify the spend?

Every month thousands of prospects and clients interact with your biggest marketing channel and one of your largest investments, your website. How is the website (and the marketing you do to get people there) working for you?

Unfortunately Google Analytics alone is NOT the answer.

It’s a one-size-fits-all tool that doesn’t recognise how professional services firms are structured or highlight what’s working and what isn’t. It simply doesn’t produce reports which are usable or actionable.

GA Enriched is the answer

Magnifirm’s GA Enriched tool enables you to make informed decisions on strategy, communications and business development.

GA Enriched gives your business the ability to measure online and offline marketing activity via your website.

Lawyer with higher exposure but lower matter origination GA Enriched

What is GA Enriched?

The critical measure of your marketing activity’s effectiveness are High Value Activities (HVAs) which are not tracked in basic Google Analytics. These HVAs include:

  • contacting directly a partner/associate
  • sharing an article on social media
  • identifying classes of visitors performing these activities like clients, prospects and internal staff

GA Enriched’s valuable intelligence on HVAs means you know what elements of your marketing are working best for your firm so that you can focus on these successful tactics with the limited resources you’ve got available.

Why should I use GA Enriched?

Is the aim of your marketing to deliver volumes of visitors or to create value?

It’s a fact of commercial life that not all visitors to your website are of equal value.

GA Enriched provides your firm with the value assessment through the following benefits:

  • identifying companies who visit fee-earner’s profiles – they’re no longer anonymous
  • identifying which publications, papers and updates should be prioritised
  • monitoring the business development pipelines of your professional staff
  • identifying key differences in how clients and non-clients relate to your firm’s digital presence
  • evaluating the business development performance of third party channels such as syndicators, directories, social media and pay per click campaigns

Next steps

You’ve spent years building traffic to your web presence – now take the next step to use GA Enriched to understand your market better. Contact us.