LinkedIn training for lawyers and accountants and tools

We’ve run dozens of social media training seminars for staff in professional services firms on how law firms and accountancy firms can get the best value out of LinkedIn:

  • what the outlook is for professional services firms and LinkedIn and why
  • personal profile optimisation
  • monitoring clients
  • the right way to build connections and confidentiality issues
  • prospecting for new clients
  • LinkedIn’s widgets and tools for your firm’s website and other tools available such as Mondaq’s LinkedIn integration

For our seminars, attendees can usually claim professional development points (CPD/CLE). We provide notes, run highly interactive sessions and the sessions come with the right for you as a firm to video the presentations to add to your intranet.

Typical comments from lawyers include “upbeat, not repetitive, useful tips and information” and “I knew quite a lot of the content being a LinkedIn nerd, however there were things I wasn’t aware of so it was worthwhile attending.”

We’ve also run hands on sessions for individual partners, optimising and working through the issues above, on the fly.

As LinkedIn makes changes frequently, we regularly update all our LinkedIn recommendations and presentations.