Google Analytics configuration

Google Analytics 4: what is next?

Migrating legal and accountant websites to Google Analytics 4 from ...

Google has announced that the current version of Google Analytics, Universal Analytics (UA), will not process new data from July 1st 2023. Instead, professional services firms using Google Analytics (most firms!) will have to migrate to Google Analytics 4 with a different user interface, data model and website data gathering […]

Are you watching your website visitors?

The current state of website analytics in professional services firms

Executive summary Professional services firms’ views about the usefulness of website analytics are changing in our survey data firms’ fee-earners are aware that LinkedIn or Google make money by analysing what people are doing on their websites but there was less recognition that the same benefits can accrue to professional […]

Buy or build your website analytics?

Buy versus build: website analytics projects in professional services firms

There’s an increasing push to show data to support market initiatives – and law firms’ or accounting practices’ largest source of data is actually customers and prospects interacting with their website’s articles, practice group profiles, and fee-earners. As in the 1980s, when firms were tinkering with software development around early […]

Options for Installing Google Tag Manager

Installing an enhanced tracking framework on your website using Google ...

What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a newer Google tracking framework than basic Google Analytics to help you track visitor activity on your website. It makes it easier to manage your tracking requirements by keeping them in one place, is quicker for deploying and modifying tags, […]

Happy cookie consenters on your website

Cookie consent on global lawfirm websites: the path to data ...

Cross-border lawfirm websites differ significantly when it comes to cookies and privacy Most large law firms are advising their own clients about data privacy generally, and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in particular, so their own websites may offer useful perspectives on data privacy compliance. The data privacy […]

Keep an eye on your website users to understand your market

The top four objectives for professional services firms’ websites – ...

If you Google “goals of professional services firm’s websites” or “what should professional services firms websites do” you’ll likely get something like the following five objectives. For example, that your website should: demonstrate the depth of your expertise via practice group pages and personable fee earner biographies, both closely linked […]

When it comes to Google Analytics for lawyers and accountants it's not just about volume

How high value traffic to your lawfirm or accountant website ...

The old John Wanamaker line “half the money I spend on marketing is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half” rang true for a century but if it’s still true for your law firm or accountancy firm you’re not using your website analytics effectively. Every year tens of thousands […]

My old Google Analytics data is kinda blurry

Ooops… we did a website redesign and lost our law ...

We often see counterproductive things happen when lawfirms and accountancy firms do website refreshes, some of which we’ve written about in “7 key things that go wrong with professional services firms’ website redesigns“. One of the less common but still significant mistakes we see made by web developers is the creation of […]