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Power upgrade to our Google Analytics-based custom reporting

New redesigned platform for Google Analytics-based reporting

Over the next 3 months we will be implementing completely redesigned dashboard-based reporting for most clients. Both GA Enriched clients (the premium reporting we produce focused on channels and content generating ‘high value activity‘ for firms) and GA+ clients (our basic level reporting) will see significant benefits from this. Top […]

Mondaq to Magnifirm transition for GA+ outside Australia and New ...

Prior to November 2017, Mondaq’s custom Google Analytics reporting, GA+, was provided by Magnifirm under contract with Mondaq outside Australia and NZ, with Mondaq’s staff providing related account support. Going forward, the reporting will be provided directly by Magnifirm with Google Analytics-related support being provided directly by Magnifirm staff. Although the […]

Google Analytics exception monitoring

Proactive website monitoring is being added to our Google Analytics ...

In providing analytics reporting, we know that sometimes you want to be informed about something significant happening on your website  when it happens – rather than when you happen to notice it. You only want to know if it’s significant (reporting by exception) and you want some brief context at […]