Why use us? Our business principles

In working with numerous professional service marketing teams over the last 10 years we’ve seen an increasing need for:

  1. New digital marketing techniques – there’s a need to think differently from other law firms and accountancy firms in an increasingly competitive professional services firm environment
  2. Understanding the analytics  – you need to look over the shoulder of your prospects and clients as they interact with your website as your largest source of objective market data so you can do more of the things that actually work
  3. Specialization just in the professional services sector – professional service firms have vastly different processes and issues than other businesses – we only work lawyers, accountants and other professional services firms.
  4. To join the pieces together better – for example your pay per click campaign needs to be captured effectively by analytics and in turn inform your content marketing, practice group pages & staff bios (once you know what keyphrases are working it makes sense to try and develop content to capture visitors for free). More broadly SEO needs to be integrated into everything you do – it’s not a great website revamp if you lose 25% of your traffic in the process.
  5. Knowledge transfer – our training and seminar program and the way our analytics products work is all about upskilling your people and not dump and run
  6. Conflict avoidance – we avoid business models that create a  potential conflict for us in delivering the best value for clients. For example we advise on web development but do not do it and we don’t do online marketing campaigns on a ‘percentage of spend’ basis like many digital marketing agencies
  7. Experience – we don’t turn up in leather jackets and pointy shoes but we do turn up with decades of experience in professional services at the cutting edge of analytics and digital marketing. We understand partnership cultures and decisionmaking processes (and more importantly we understand the issues you face).

If the above points resonate then you’re in the right place. Drop us a line, give us a call or read our how-to articles.