SEO for professional services firms

How to make sure your article is found when you are writing it

How authors in professional services firms can write better articles ...

Authors in law firms and accountancy firms are domain experts and spend a chunk of their working hours writing advice, so it may seem presumptuous to suggest how to write better. After all, they know more about their individual practice areas. However, having delivered Mondaq article writing seminars for years […]

1 in 5 people in your country would prefer to read your website in another language

Could translations on law firm or accountant websites gain you ...

Legal language is already difficult for the public to understand and hence many professional service firms commit time and budgets to training lawyers in plain English. Yet with native English speaking clients and prospects struggling to understand legal concepts and terms – and hearing American legal terms in TV soaps […]

Choosing a good website builder for your law firm website

How to find a good website designer for your law ...

Professional services firms’ websites matter Prospects use your website to check you out before phoning or emailing to see if your site matches the claims made by your own staff and referrers, and whether you have the depth of expertise they need. Prospects also use search engines to find you […]

To what extent is your website marketing your web designer?

How and why website designers want credit for work on ...

You’ve seen it yourself on many accountant and law firm websites and it may be on your own website too. Right at the bottom of the page, usually in small unobtrusive lettering, your website designer places an innocuous piece of text saying something like ‘Website designed and built by Acme Developers‘. […]

But I can't think what or why to write

“But why should I write articles?”

Although it’s a question usually left unspoken, staff in professional services firms often assume article writing is just part of their training to write readable advice, learn more about their practice area (and earn CPD points), or is a more productive use of time when there’s no matter to work […]

Magic SEO fairies in their natural habitat

Search Engine Optimisation consultants: when (and if) they’re a useful ...

A law firm marketing director we know wryly refers to her department’s role as ‘sprinkling magic pixie dust’ to make an initiative really take off. The magic pixie dust bag is not really the place for long term marketing initiatives or developing staff skills.  It’s more about finding something that […]

Handling staff departures in professional services firms: the digital perspective

Leaving a lawfirm: the digital perspective when one of your ...

When one of your partners leaves your law firm in a lateral hire there are some standard procedures firms typically follow, for example joint communication with clients (after the lawyer has announced their departure to your firm). But what’s the best way to handle departing partners or lawyers from a […]

Burning your digital presence in a merger

Are social media and websites on your lawfirm merger checklist ...

There are a number of often-touted advantages of law firm mergers, amongst which are a reduction in back office costs, cross-selling opportunities, and a bigger brand to go to market with. Yet if it’s about building a bigger brand why is it merging firms too often destroy the digital footprint […]

Older content a bridge to new thinking

The best (and worst) way to handle out-of-date articles on ...

In providing website analytics to professional services firms over the last few years we refer internally at Magnifirm to the Rule of Revamps – surprisingly website visitors often decline after you re-launch a shiny, new, mobile-friendly website. There are a number of reasons for this visitor decline which we’ve covered before but […]