Google Analytics training for professional services firms

Google Analytics specifically for lawyers and accounting firms

You don’t have a shopping cart on your website and your IT staff likely don’t have enough time to understand what ‘s going on in the marketing department.

But Google Analytics can still be a very powerful tool for professional services firms to understand their online marketing outcomes.

Yet with 25,000 official GA help pages just from Google alone and with a feature set that expands or changes every year, Google Analytics is not the sort of thing you can get to grips with in a few spare afternoons (if you had them).

Magnifirm provides Google Analytics training specifically for marketing departments in law firms and accountancy firms to help them better understand the kinds of online marketing that generate the most value for your firm.

The emphasis in our training is on working through practical examples of using GA to evaluate digital marketing initiatives in professional services firms. During the sessions, we will also background best practices with professional services firm’s websites and digital marketing campaigns and pitfalls to avoid.

Training is provided either on premises with attendees working through examples applied to your own website on their own machines, or via webinar.

Post-training support

We provide post-training support via email and GoToMeeting: so if you need some help remembering how to do something we don’t leave you in the lurch. We will be there to help you once the training is over as well.