The big picture

Digital marketing map for law firms and accountants

How Magnifirm’s online marketing services fit together around your website.

Article syndication: Reach a bigger audience with the articles you are already writing, along with named leads and more traffic to your website

Benchmarking:  Understand your website’s weaknesses so you can make the business case internally and focus in the right places. We have the largest set of data on professional service firm websites down to the bio, publication and practice group level.

Google Analytics Enrichment: Some things visitors do on your website are more valuable than others. Start understanding high value activities like phone calls to your fee earners and trace these back to their origins.

Website Revamp Consulting: What features are must-haves on key pages? How do you retain traffic most firms lose in revamps (and add more)? How do you get the right analytics insights? If you want a revamp to have more than visual impact talk to us.

Content Writing: We can help you and your fee earners generate the kind of high-quality website content and articles that will persuade prospective clients to use you via our relationships with experienced editors.

Search Marketing: There’s much more to search advertising than the phrase “lawyer [insert city name]”. We’ve run successful campaigns for practice groups from insolvency to IP based on the largest global regulatory keyword set.

LinkedIn Tools + Training: Winning business via LinkedIn is about the individual fee earners in your firm and the tools and techniques available. Our seminars plus a range of tools help your firm really make the most of LinkedIn.