Search marketing for law firms and accountancy firms

Seven reasons to run pay per click (PPC) campaigns (such as Google search ads) for your law firm or accountancy practice

1. Your professional services firm ads are actually free unless someone clicks on them – and in the case of Google search ads they must enter the right keywords as qualified by you.  Add together the right law firm advertisements (if clearly written) and the right keyphrases and you get highly qualified leads.

2. Keyphrase research carried for pay per click has applicability to practice group descriptions, your law firm website architecture, and articles written by practice groups as well as to pay per click campaigns

3. Google makes 100% of keyphrases available in Google Analytics for pay per click campaigns versus less than 20% outside of pay per click campaigns so your professional services firm gets to understand exactly how the market finds information for that practice group.

4. Pay per click campaigns can be instantly switched on to deliver demand to a practice group when capacity is available, and off when it doesn’t have capacity

5. PPC campaigns have defined entry points (‘landing pages’) which can be tweaked specifically to suit that particular campaign and do not even have to appear in your public website

6. Pay per click campaign costs are very budgetable – you can set hard limits to control your spend and dip your toe in the water getting real results before you commit to higher spends

7. PPC campaigns can be very specifically targeted – for example for particular reader job categories and particular geographical areas (even a radius around an area)

Why Magnifirm for PPC

  • Specialize just in professional services firm marketing with end-to-end experience of digital marketing from content marketing to PPC to analytics
  • We start off with the largest set of legal keywords to help develop campaigns, meaning pay per click campaign analysis done by Magnifirm is very thorough. For instance a recent intellectual property pay per click campaign we ran identified over 1400 distinct keyphrases in 13 distinct groups and we have lots of experience explaining to lawyers why the public actually searches differently from how lawyers might expect (use of ‘trademark’ vs ‘trade mark’ for example in IP)
  • Have developed numerous lawfirm pay per campaigns over the last 10 years – ranging from specialist campaigns covering areas like building disputes and compulsory acquisition to broader campaigns for practice groups like insolvency, personal injury,  property law, commercial law and of course IP. We avoid expensive campaigns targeting obvious generic phrases like ‘Sydney lawyer’ and have developed legal campaigns in multiple systems and not just Google Adwords.
  • Strong analytics background using our GA Enrich techniques to determine the value versus volume of traffic and adjust running campaigns accordingly to maximize return and minimize cost
  • We do not price campaigns as a proportion of spend (see our approach) as we think this creates inherent conflict around maximizing ad spend without regard to value – we do ad campaigns on a fixed cost basis (like fixed price billing in law firms most of the time we hope we’ve done enough to price them accurately upfront!).