Website development blueprints

How to optimise for Search,  Functionality and Tracking in your website

Relaunching or revamping your website is rather like renovating a heritage listed building, with Google’s crawlers playing the role of zealous local council inspectors (most revamps actually result in a decline in the post-revamp traffic data).

In addition to the search engine implications of changes there’s the question of what functionality / web page designs really work best for professional services firm websites?

And finally, to take advantage of the fact that your website acts as an unpaid market researcher for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via your analytics, your website design needs to support tracking the high value activities that matter most to professional services firms.

A blueprint for your website

Based on more than 70 different best practices, culled from our experience of working on analytics projects for over 100 firms globally, Magnifirm development blueprints give you:

  1. high, medium and low prioritized recommendations for search, functionality and tracking
  2. screenshots that you can pass on to your website developer (where you accept the recommendation) and just say ‘do it like this’
  3. the data that underlies each recommendation so you can make your own judgement as to its soundness

If you are doing a relaunch, as opposed to a refresh, we also cover content management systems (CMS security, capabilities and cost options), as your CMS actually has a bigger impact on your site in the medium term  than your choice of developer.

Why Magnifirm for development blueprints?

Some developers will offer you a ‘site audit’, sometimes cost-bundled with the site development quote itself. You can even obtain automated SEO audits on the web.

But Magnifirm’s development blueprints have several unique characteristics:

  1. We only work with professional services firms. Most developer’s principal clientele come from consumer or business websites and are not as familiar with what works on professional services firm websites
  2. Via our website consulting experience since 1998 with we’ve tested a wide range of functionality over more than 60 million visits for regulatory information consumers
  3. We provide website analytics reporting to more than 100 firms, from large firms with hundreds of thousands of visitors to small boutiques and every year run bespoke analytics reporting projects for many others. These give us unprecedented insights into what really works on professional services firms websites based on real data – not our hunch about ‘what might work’
  4. We do not do website development for 3rd parties. This avoids the conflicts of interest that arise when you get an audit from a developer (or related 3rd party).

A development blueprint from Magnifirm saves you money, time, and gets you better search, functionality, and tracking outcomes from your web project,

And finally assuming you have an ongoing relationship with us via syndication or our analytics services we keep you updated – as our recommendations change over time.