Power upgrade to our Google Analytics-based custom reporting

New redesigned platform for Google Analytics-based reporting

Over the next 3 months we will be implementing completely redesigned dashboard-based reporting for most clients.

Both GA Enriched clients (the premium reporting we produce focused on channels and content generating ‘high value activity‘ for firms) and GA+ clients (our basic level reporting) will see significant benefits from this.

Top changes

The top 3 changes are:

  1. reporting will be via online dashboards rather than offline through PDFs making it easier for you to grab screenshots, change parameters like dates or for GA Enriched clients dynamically drill right down (for example take an instant look at which content is most associated with Shares versus other kinds of high value activity)
  2. following the feedback we got from you in our Q4 survey we are implementing better explanations and suggestions against each graph in all dashboards
  3. there will be more nuanced information so you can better focus on particular issues that interest you (more depth)

Segmentation for different marketing roles

We will be segmenting dashboards reflecting the Communications, Business Development and Strategy roles we see in many firms:

  • The Communications dashboard is focused mainly on performance of particular pages on your website and other issues directly relevant for people in marketing communications roles
  • The Business Development dashboard is more focused on things like helping you identify individual fee earners that might need help and matching high value activities on your site to company names visiting anonymously; things of most interest to people in business development roles
  • The Strategy dashboard shows progression over time and things like which practice groups are driving high value activity; useful in reporting to management teams and giving you a top level perspective.

And of course we bundle all three for people who have responsibilities in all 3 areas.

As always remember our reporting is custom-built for each individual firm. If you want changes to your individual report set please contact us.