We’re a team of analytics and online marketing specialists who understand that accounting and legal marketing are different from selling shoes, umbrellas or bed linen.

You might be wondering how to take best advantage of your analytics data on a macro level, or if those articles your firm spends all that time writing could reach more people on a micro level. You might be contemplating changing your website design and want to know what analytics data shows is best practice.

We  work with law firms and accounting firms across Asia, Europe and North America and have built a range of discrete tools and services to enable you to:

  1. Look over the shoulder of clients and prospects interacting with your fee earners and website via advanced web analytics and learn from this
  2. Benchmark your website‘s performance versus other professional services firms
  3. Widen the breadth of your online audience via Mondaq (we provide Mondaq’s service in Australia and New Zealand)
  4. Help your staff communicate more effectively in their articles and on social media
  5. Understand best practice specifically for professional services firms websites when planning a re-launch

We set up Magnifirm to address online marketing for lawyers and accountants in a joined-up way, for example with our web revamp blueprints to help firms avoid the typical visitor losses experienced, whilst making sure the new site can track high value activities for fee earners.