Keep an eye on your website users to understand your market

The top four objectives for professional services firms’ websites – ...

If you Google “goals of professional services firm’s websites” or “what should professional services firms websites do” you’ll likely get something like the following five objectives. For example, that your website should: demonstrate the depth of your expertise via practice group pages and personable fee earner biographies, both closely linked […]

Magic SEO fairies in their natural habitat

Search Engine Optimisation consultants: when (and if) they’re a useful ...

A law firm marketing director we know wryly refers to her department’s role being viewed as ‘sprinkling magic pixie dust’ to make an initiative really take off. The magic pixie dust bag is not really the place for long term marketing initiatives or developing staff skills.  It’s more about finding […]

Power upgrade to our Google Analytics-based custom reporting

New redesigned platform for Google Analytics-based reporting

Over the next 3 months we will be implementing completely redesigned dashboard-based reporting for most clients. Both GA Enriched clients (the premium reporting we produce focused on channels and content generating ‘high value activity‘ for firms) and GA+ clients (our basic level reporting) will see significant benefits from this. Top […]

Handling staff departures in professional services firms: the digital perspective

Leaving a lawfirm: the digital perspective when one of your ...

When one of your partners leaves your law firm in a lateral hire there are some standard procedures firms typically follow, for example joint communication with clients (after the lawyer has announced their departure to your firm). But what’s the best way to handle departing partners or lawyers from a […]

Burning your digital presence in a merger

Are social media and websites on your lawfirm merger checklist ...

There are a number of often-touted advantages of law firm mergers, amongst which are a reduction in back office costs, cross-selling opportunities, and a bigger brand to go to market with. Yet if it’s about building a bigger brand why is it merging firms too often destroy the digital footprint […]

Older content a bridge to new thinking

The best (and worst) way to handle out-of-date articles on ...

In providing website analytics to professional services firms over the last few years we refer internally at Magnifirm to the Rule of Revamps – surprisingly website visitors often decline after you re-launch a shiny, new, mobile-friendly website. There are a number of reasons for this visitor decline which we’ve covered before but […]

Mondaq to Magnifirm transition for GA+ outside Australia and New ...

Prior to November 2017, Mondaq’s custom Google Analytics reporting, GA+, was provided by Magnifirm under contract with Mondaq outside Australia and NZ, with Mondaq’s staff providing related account support. Going forward, the reporting will be provided directly by Magnifirm with Google Analytics-related support being provided directly by Magnifirm staff. Although […]

Signs of a good and bad page in Google Analytics

How to use Google Analytics to spot good and bad ...

Previously we’ve written about the tradeoffs in choosing GA metrics when reporting on your professional services firm website. For example the advantages and disadvantages of users over sessions or weaknesses of pages/session as a metric. In this article though we’re going to consider how you can specifically use Google Analytics […]

When it comes to Google Analytics for lawyers and accountants it's not just about volume

How high value traffic to your lawfirm or accountant website ...

The old John Wanamaker line “half the money I spend on marketing is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half” rang true for a century but if it’s still true for your law firm or accountancy firm you’re not using your website analytics effectively. Every year tens of thousands […]

How best to collaborate writing articles in lawfirms or accountancy firms

Oh the horror! Collaborative authoring of articles in professional services ...

In a world where attention is increasingly hard to get from buyers, and content marketing has decimated traditional advertising, it seems like a good idea to spread the burden of writing articles as much as you can across your professional services firm. Yet how do you square this literary collectivism with the […]

Google Analytics exception monitoring

Proactive website monitoring is being added to our Google Analytics ...

In providing custom Google Analytics reporting, we know that sometimes you want to be informed about something significant happening on your website  when it happens – rather than at the end of the quarter or year. You only want to know if it’s significant (reporting by exception) and you want […]

Leverage from article syndication for professional services firms

Syndication: how much more exposure does it get your professional ...

Syndication – the process of publishing your articles as a professional services firm on additional channels apart from your own website – is a simple question of  ‘where’s the biggest audience?’ for many firms. There are of course more complicated questions about: what the syndication service gives you in terms […]

Yes, organic traffic does correlate with people contacting your B2B lawfirm

Just how important is organic search to B2B-focused professional advisory ...

In presenting seminars on article writing for digital audiences to professional services firms over the last 10 years we know there are some partners who are either publicly or privately sceptical about the value of search engine optimisation for their law or accountancy firm, and rightfully so in some respects. Boiled […]

My old Google Analytics data is kinda blurry

Ooops… we did a website redesign and lost our law ...

We often see counterproductive things happen when lawfirms and accountancy firms do website refreshes, some of which we’ve written about in “7 key things that go wrong with professional services firms’ website redesigns“. One of the less common but still significant mistakes we see made by web developers is the creation of […]

Is there a best way to measure your website's performance?

Which is more important for my firm’s website: Pageviews, Sessions ...

Your own website’s performance can be measured with a wide range of metrics: Unique Pageviews, Sessions, Users, Bounce rate, Medium and Page just to name a few (all these examples from Google Analytics, the free analytics tool that is installed for most lawyers and accountants). And by cross-tabulating these metrics […]

Proving articles bring in new business for lawyers and accountants

How do you prove article writing is really generating value ...

How do you really know your lawfirm or accountancy firm’s articles are generating value? A perennial question, given the time that goes into writing articles for many lawyers and accountants, is how to identify the value created. You will sometimes hear that article writing is primarily ‘ a way of […]

Four common issues with Google search ads for lawyers

In providing analytics for lawfirms and also in running some campaigns on behalf of clients we gain some insights about common issues that crop up on ad campaigns. While pay per click ads (Google search ads) are more common in plaintiff-facing law firms there are business law firms who run them […]