But I can't think what or why to write

“But why should I write articles?”

Although it’s a question usually left unspoken, staff in professional services firms often assume article writing is just part of their training to write readable advice, learn more about their practice area, or is a more productive use of time when there’s no matter to work on. However there are […]

Simplify the strategic choices you have a as a professional services firm with your largest source of market information

Ten things most professional services firms don’t know about their ...

Website analytics faces a number of misconceptions in many law and accountancy firms, ranging from ‘not relevant as we revamped our website only 6 months ago’ all the way through to ‘analytics is mainly for ecommerce companies like Amazon – we’re not selling anything.’ The reason these misconceptions persist is […]

Leverage from article syndication for professional services firms

Syndication: how much more exposure does it get your professional ...

Syndication – the process of publishing your articles as a professional services firm on additional channels apart from your own website – is a simple question of ‘where’s the biggest audience?’ for many firms. There are of course more complicated questions about: what the syndication service gives you in terms […]

Your professional services firm website has heritage value

Seven things that go wrong with professional services firms’ website ...

In providing website analytics for large numbers of legal and accounting firms we get a birds-eye view of what happens after website revamps. And revamps are common: about every 5 years as web technologies, brand refreshes, and new marketing directors come and go. The results are often surprising. For example, the […]

Personal risk calculator for Covid19 for UK, US, Canada & ...

The calculator below is within a frame. If you’re using a mobile device you may be better off using the unframed version here. Iframes not supported Read about how this calculator was built and the issues with Covid19 data and some summary conclusions here.

Australian Covidsafe Covid19 contact tracking app Android

The Covidsafe app: why your workplace (and family) need it, ...

The launch of the Australian government’s Covidsafe contact tracing app on April 26th has triggered robust discussion in our social media feeds about privacy and even amongst law firm clients we’ve noticed different people in the same firm taking opposite sides of the argument. For both our professional services clients […]

Marketing coronavirus policy: the likely data story of the century

Justifying a shutdown: Covid-19 and the data story of ...

It seems likely that along with other firsts accompanying Covid19, it may be regarded as one of the biggest data stories of this century. Whilst there have been policy missteps, it’s inspirational that many countries locked down their citizens with zero or handfuls of initial cases in hospitals, in what […]

Buy or build your website analytics?

Buy versus build: website analytics projects in professional services firms

There’s an increasing push to show data to support market initiatives – and law firms’ or accounting practices’ largest source of data is actually customers and prospects interacting with their website’s articles, practice group profiles, and fee-earners. As in the 1980s, when firms were tinkering with software development around early […]

Options for Installing Google Tag Manager

Installing an enhanced tracking framework on your website using Google ...

What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a newer Google tracking framework than basic Google Analytics to help you track visitor activity on your website. It makes it easier to manage your tracking requirements by keeping them in one place, is quicker for deploying and modifying tags, […]