Mondaq to Magnifirm transition for GA+ outside Australia and New Zealand

Prior to November 2017, Mondaq’s custom Google Analytics reporting, GA+, was provided by Magnifirm under contract with Mondaq outside Australia and NZ, with Mondaq’s staff providing related account support.

Going forward, the reporting will be provided directly by Magnifirm with Google Analytics-related support being provided directly by Magnifirm staff.

Although the existing reporting has always been built by Magnifirm we’ve done this to be able to better support clients and enable rollout out of associated services such as the new GA+ reporting platform built specifically for professional services firms.

Magnifirm will be contacting all current northern hemisphere GA+ recipients and has a range of enhancements and new options coming in 2018 and 2019. Look out for our GA feedback survey which will enable us to better customize GA+ for your firm.

Magnifirm and Mondaq also have further links in that Magnifirm provides editorial services and is a reseller in Australia and New Zealand for Mondaq, and Charles Ashton at Magnifirm was the former IT Manager at Mondaq UK and worked directly on Mondaq’s own analytics.

If you have any questions or change requests in relation to your current GA+ reporting you can find details about who to contact at Magnifirm in your timezone on our Contact Page or contact the head of Account Management at Mondaq, Chris Muir,  if the question is Mondaq-related.