Google Analytics enrichment

You wouldn’t run your professional services firm without an accounting system.

So why would you spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on digital marketing (salaries for marketing staff, hosting and software, periodic web revamps, and gone-forever billable hours authoring articles and newsletters) with a minimal idea of what is really generating business from new and existing clients?

The days of knowing that ‘half your marketing works, but not which half‘ are numbered in the online world.

The reason is that every time someone interacts with your website (and details about how and where they came from) you can be looking over their shoulder via your webserver’s analytics. If you’re not using this information effectively you’re throwing away 50% of the benefit of digital marketing interactions. Web analytics is key for professional services firms if you want to succeed in online marketing – it’s not just for ecommerce sites.

You likely already have Google Analytics installed by default for your law firm or accounting firm’s website but:

  • you don’t have the code and web page tweaks to get it to measure high value activities like someone calling your fee earner from their web profile on your site
  • your marketing staff are not trained to use it and your IT people (if they’ve used it) lack the marketing insight
  • the third party campaigns and newsletters you run are not being reported in it
  • you don’t know what metrics to pull out (or Google Analytics’ strengths and weaknesses) and the defaults don’t reflect what’s important to a typical law firm or accounting firm anyway

Magnifirm’s Google Analytics enrichment process (GA Enrich) enables you to gain insights about your digital marketing like:

  • which digital marketing activities lead to business development events
  • which fee-earners are generating business development activities via your website and who might need help converting prospects to clients
  • how clients versus non-clients and even jobseekers are interacting with your website
  • which parts of your social media activities should be accelerated
  • which third party channels are generating the most value
  • which publications are working best in generating business

Reporting is custom-built from Google Analytics to reflect your firm’s priorities and we actually enhance the tracking on your website so you start picking up high value interactions that are not even currently being gathered.

Our training delivered inhouse, along with the reporting, addresses your specific professional services firm’s website and tactics used, as well as giving you a good understanding of the strengths and workarounds for the weaknesses in Google Analytics.