GA+: graphically rich custom Google Analytics-based reporting specifically for lawyers and accountants

As a professional services firm you need to know what your clients and prospects think. Yet for a fraction of the cost of a formal market research interview process you can get feedback from thousands of people using your biggest marketing channel, your own website.

In small firms our benchmarking shows 20,000 individuals visiting professional services firm’s websites a year, and large firms see 500,000 or more individuals. What could your firm learn about your clients and prospects?

Magnifirm’s GA+  service turns impenetrable website analytics into insights you can really use and adds key information like benchmarking and details about companies visiting your website anonymously.

  1. Online instant access with reporting specifically tailored to professional services firms showing the effectiveness of your practice groups, fee-earner profiles and publications so you can identify what needs changing, help resolve internal conflicts of opinion, and drive higher value outcomes.Practice group analysis
  2. Business development pipeline information for each individual fee-earnerFee earner analysis
  3. Companies anonymously visiting your website with company names and visit frequencyCompanies visiting your site anonymously
  4. Benchmarking for your website’s performance against other professional services firms in your jurisdictionBenchmark your site against other professional services firms in your jurisdiction and industry
  5. Timesaving and ease of use with clear explanations so you don’t need an analytics background. Date selection, filtering and sorts, PDFs and Excel downloads, sharing, and commenting. And a mobile app for when you’re on the road.


Standard GA GA+
Undifferentiated jumble of pages thrown together Reporting structured to reflect the important parts of professional services firms’ websites such as practice area pages, lawyer bio pages, performance of publications, third party websites sending you visitors, and social media.
One size fits all reporting Fully customized reporting – we build the reports specifically for your firm’s website.
Garbage in your data We’ll endeavour to keep your data clean, reducing problems like referral spam, bots, problematic page markup such as duplicate titles, selecting appropriate geographic filters, and even configuring to exclude your own staff in certain parts.
Confusing array of generic metrics like sessions, pageviews, bounce rates, user types, and unique pageviews We know the strengths and weaknesses of each metric and will give you appropriate measurements for each report and type and don’t drown you in jargon and numbers. You don’t need to have an analytics certification to use GA+.
No explanations Our reports come with clear explanations on each chart of exactly what you’re looking at and what to do with it.
Laborious data extraction process: log in to GA, navigate around, filter – all for one type of data Save time as we completely break down the key things that are need-to-know for a professional services firm and get them on demand for any given period.
Rows of numbers Our reports are graphically rich so you can understand at a glance (and wow internal committees) but they also give you simple period-on-period percentage changes (“Publications visitors are up 22.4%”).
No monitoring We configure a range of monitors to inform you about important things happening as they happen. Has your search traffic jumped or collapsed or have you seen a large social media spike? We’ll proactively let you know about the big changes when they happen – rather than too late.
No support and training Have questions? We’ll answer them. Or if you want to take the next step with GA, take our basic or advanced GA training course delivered specifically for your firm and working with your own GA data (delivered inhouse or remotely via GoToMeeting). Or upgrade to GA Enriched our most sophisticated level of reporting with more than three times the insights.
Doesn’t support collaboration Create internal comments right on charts, download to PDF or Excel, and share reporting with your colleagues internally on a simple passworded page with no user limits.
No company names, no benchmarking We add names of companies visiting your site and information about how your site performs against other professional services firm averages in your jurisdiction.