GA+: the website reporting platform just for lawyers and accountants

Your website, as it watches clients and prospects through your web analytics, is your largest source of objective data about the market, with even small firms pulling in 20,000 visitors a year. But most firms don’t get actionable insights from their web analytics, and struggle to get it out in a timely manner to authors, practice group heads, marketing teams, and business development professionals.

As opposed to generic reporting frameworks like Google Analytics, the GA+ platform is specifically tailored to professional services firms and actionable for practice groups, individual fee earners, and authors. GA+ also adds wholly new classes of data such as benchmarking and names companies anonymously visiting your site.

Make better-supported marketing and business development decisions

Better measurement makes it easier to carry colleagues. Present easily-digestible, objective data (with trends) to support marketing initiatives with stakeholders.

Understand your fee earners better

Identify rising stars and get early warning about potential problems to help target resources like BD coaching. Help fee earners to better develop business for their individual practice areas.

Improve revenue opportunities

Identify company names of existing clients and prospects visiting each fee earner, practice group, and publication in the context of tenders and other business development activity.

Learn and collaborate better

With over 2500 words of actions and explanations for charts, and simple passworded sites for stakeholders like authors, practice group leaders and marketing teams. On demand and web based with no user limits. And excellent support based on Magnifirm’s 27 years of professional services analytics experience.

Magnifirm GA+ versus Google Analytics

Standard Google Analytics versus GA+Standard Google AnalyticsGA+
- Explanations on actions to take for each chart
- relative performance against other professional services firms
in your jurisdiction
- growth, engagement and SEO metrics
Built specifically for your website
- not cookie-cutter reporting
- customizable
Clean data
- we'll exclude bots, internal staff traffic, and spam
Data structured for professional services firms
- Fee earner profiles
- Practice groups
- Publications
Easy to use
- no analytics knowledge required
– jargon free
- relevant metrics pre-selected
Graphically rich charts
- understand at a glance (and wow internal committees)
- make a better case for key decisions with more digestible data
Learning and collaboration
- foster digital skills and market knowledge for whole firm
- share live insights about your largest marketing channel
with fee earners, authors, and marketing teams
- publish a simple passworded page (no license limits)
- discussion threads on charts for admin users
- grab high quality graphics for internal reports
- we'll tell you about big changes as they happen not 6 months later.
- Has your search traffic jumped or collapsed or have you seen a large
social media spike and if so what drove it?
Named company visitors
- named companies visiting each fee earner, practice group and article
Support and training
- 27 years of web analytics expertise
- basic or advanced GA training course available as well
- preconfigured reporting on key things that are need-to-know
for professional services firms
- five steps and intermediate spreadsheets becomes one step