Google Analytics reporting

Are you watching your website visitors?

The current state of website analytics in professional services firms

Survey data from professional services firms in North America, Australia and Asia In the more virtual year of 2020 we polled over 214 staff in professional services firms in North American, Asian and Australian webinars about how they were approaching their firm’s website analytics. Over the year we ran webinars […]

Buy or build your website analytics?

Buy versus build: website analytics projects in professional services firms

There’s an increasing push to show data to support market initiatives – and law firms’ or accounting practices’ largest source of data is actually customers and prospects interacting with their website’s articles, practice group profiles, and fee-earners. As in the 1980s, when firms were tinkering with software development around early […]

Simplify the strategic choices you have a as a professional services firm with your largest source of market information

Ten things most professional services firms don’t know about their ...

Website analytics faces a number of misconceptions in some law and accountancy firms, ranging from ‘not relevant as we revamped our website only 6 months ago’ all the way through to ‘analytics is mainly for ecommerce companies like Amazon – we’re not selling anything.’ The reason these misconceptions persist is […]

Signs of a good and bad page in Google Analytics

How to use Google Analytics to spot good and bad ...

Previously we’ve written about the tradeoffs in choosing GA metrics when reporting on your professional services firm website. For example the advantages and disadvantages of users over sessions or weaknesses of pages/session as a metric. In this article though we’re going to consider how you can specifically use Google Analytics […]

Google Analytics exception monitoring

Proactive website monitoring is being added to our Google Analytics ...

In providing analytics reporting, we know that sometimes you want to be informed about something significant happening on your website  when it happens – rather than when you happen to notice it. You only want to know if it’s significant (reporting by exception) and you want some brief context at […]

My old Google Analytics data is kinda blurry

Ooops… we did a website redesign and lost our law ...

We often see counterproductive things happen when lawfirms and accountancy firms do website refreshes, some of which we’ve written about in “7 key things that go wrong with professional services firms’ website redesigns“. One of the less common but still significant mistakes we see made by web developers is the creation of […]

Is there a best way to measure your website's performance?

Which is more important for my firm’s website: Pageviews, Sessions ...

Your own website’s performance can be measured with a wide range of metrics: Unique Pageviews, Sessions, Users, Bounce rate, Medium and Page just to name a few (all these examples from Google Analytics, the free analytics framework installed on most lawyer and accountant website). And by cross-tabulating these metrics there […]